Monday, November 15, 2010

Any defense out there?

It has been a season in which a record number of points have been put up by many teams. That means some teams have surrendered many points and by some pretty good teams. In the first round of the 2010 playoffs two local teams gave up more than 50 points and incredibly one of those teams won.

Haughton ran out to a 41-7 first quarter lead, led 57-21 at the half and held on for a 64-54 win. That is a score usually seen in basketball not football. Even though they had given up 30 or more points three times during the season, Loyola entered its first round playoff game with three consecutive shutouts. The Flyers season ended however after they gave up 61 points in a 61-30 loss to Crowley.

38 teams scored 40 or more points in winning first round games. Jennings scored 43 but it wasn't enough to beat Neville in a 49-43 loss. Eleven teams scored 27 or more points in losing causes.

As the playoffs progress it will be interesting to see if it takes a multitude of points to keep teams alive and advancing to the Dome.

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